Our lives consist of a million stories.

Happy stories, sad stories, incredible stories, and ordinary stories.

But one of the most exciting stories of our lives is written on the day we get married. A story that brings together family and friends on one special occasion. A unique story that gets to be shared simultaneously with one special person in your life. And, as with any important story that is written, it also needs to be told. No matter the audience, it should be represented in an authentic way that allows you to enjoy the moment over and over again.

Which is why we introduce to you Nate Christenson. His storytelling through imagery stays true to the love and excitement that is experienced on this day. Snowboarding was Nate Christenson’s entry into the world of professional photography, and it’s from that culture of risk taking and deep camaraderie that he developed his empathetic style of visual storytelling.

The legacy of his snowboarding days is still evident in his vibrant images, in the instincts honed at speed on icy slopes and the immersion into a culture that prides itself on pushing limits while maintaining a laid back approach to life.

It’s obvious that Nate has an incredible eye and attention to every detail – from sideways glances to bubbled-over excitement, and somehow has the unique ability to anticipate events before they happen. From the big key moments to all the little details…The interactions, fun, and emotion that organically compose this special day are all captured for you to enjoy.

Behind every one of Nate’s images there is a story to tell, whether of struggle or achievement, joy or pain, arrogance or humility. From every project, he leaves with those stories captured in a single frame. We highly suggest you check out his photography – from weddings to corporate events to action sports. He doesn’t just do it all, he does it all wonderfully!


Nate Christenson

Nate Christenson


Nate Christenson Photography