You have probably seen the Hickenlooper name all over instagram. This husband/wive photography duo has been capturing weddings in ways we can only dream of. Their warm, earthy vibe caught our attention quick and we were dying to sit them down and get to know who they are!

Where are you each of you from/ where are you now?

We are both from Davis County and still in Davis County. We’re always talking about moving far far away or up in the mountains. But, for now, we like where we’re at. 🙂

How did you two meet?

We met through “mutual friends”, aka Faceboo

What made you want to pursue photography?

Both of us loved photography growing up. We both took high school and college classes, at that time we were just hobbyists. After we got married, Scott started taking pictures of friends for fun which got other friends’ attention – then one thing led to another and we found ourselves to be wedding photographers!

Where do you two pull inspiration from?

We mutually have a deep love of road trips, nature, big landscapes, and new destinations – so we’re definitely inspired by the outdoors.

Are you solely wedding photographers?

We are solely wedding photographers! We quit our jobs and school, moved in with our parents to pull this off. It has definitely been worth it!

When you both have a day off, what would be you ideal way to spend it?

Road tripping, relaxing at home, playing with our two dogs, hiking, biking, fishing, skiing, and going to movies.

Where do you see yourselves going in the next year?

We’re a huge fan of travel, so we’re just planning to check another destination off on our bucket list! And, still working with amazing couples.

If you could shoot anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Scott – “That’s tough, um. Montana, it’s suuuuper underrated.”

Shelby – “All of Asia…and Switzerland. South East Asia has it all; caves, ancient ruins, jungles, beaches, mountains, canyons – it’s incredible. And Switzerland is just so beautiful.”

The Hickenloopers’ passion for creating and capturing moments in time is an inspiration to any one they come in contact.

Dying for more of the Hickenloopers’ work? Check them out on instagram @hickenloopers or at there website !