We are sure you have seen this name pop up a lot recently and you have been wondering just who Fox Heron Collective is.

Ever walk into a space and think to yourself .. “If only I could create a wall decor here”? Thanks to the masterminds Connor wilde and Isabel Kinikini you can.  Not only do these ladies make very large wall decor that completely transform a space, but create hand dyed  linens and specialty design elements to make your event feel extremely personalized.

We also sat down and asked them some juicy questions about what they are up to and where they are headed.

What is Fox Heron Collective?
Fox Heron Collective is how it sounds, a collective of creatives who’s sole focus is to create spaces, events, weddings, parties and even personal space with a curated and artistic atmosphere.

You two are very creative beings! What were you doing previously that lead you to fox heron collective?

Isabel was previously an intern at Anthropologie where she gained knowledge in retail display, enveloping herself in the design and atmosphere of the store while also delving into other creative interests such as pursuing a degree in multidisciplinary design at the University of Utah.

Connor is a fine arts graduate from Westminster College who honed her love of installation art and oil paintings into creative positions such as an assistant to the visual manager of Free People and other freelance designing.


What does your name represent?

The Fox and the Heron stand for the two creators and partners of the Collective.
Like a fox, Isabel brings the earthy and sultry nature to the designs, such as incorporating dark dyes on linens or floral set in layered candles of moody lighting. Connor is the Heron, She brings the touch of light, Adding the metallic strokes to painted tapestries or beaded linens to create a dreamy affair.


What does your business have to offer events and weddings?

Along with custom art installations, our business offers tapestry rentals such as large painted backdrops along with customs dyed or beaded table linens.


Where do you see yourselves going in the next year?

We are currently expanding into flower smithing and invitation design! And would love to do more custom pieces for personal spaces, such as homes and even workplaces.