Sarah Arnoff's Instant Photo Booth

Here’s the thing about my style: It’s very relaxed, immersive and somewhat offbeat. Photojournalism and documentary photography is how I got my start, so creating a narrative in my photography is something reflexive. I shoot digitally as well as with an array of antique film cameras, and I love to engage people in photography and share how things work. Over the years, I have developed (ha) a “pick your camera” system, meaning that in addition to the photos taken digitally, you can choose one of my old film clunkers for your session/wedding, and I’ll bring it along. I believe in tangible objects, and a little part of me dies inside whenever I know my clients’ photos will languish away in the abyss of a hard drive somewhere. So each of my customization packages has the option to include a personalized album, invitations, a Polaroid photo booth, handmade cyanotype or VanDyke prints, and other physical goodies.




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