Nate Christenson Photography

Snowboarding was Nate Christenson’s entry into the world of professional photography, and it’s from that culture of risk taking and deep camaraderie that he developed his empathetic style of visual storytelling.

The legacy of his snowboarding days is still evident in his vibrant images, in the instincts honed at speed on icy slopes and the immersion into a culture that prides itself on pushing limits while maintaining a laid back approach to life.

Action shots and emotionally truthful portraits are rare companions but in the photography of Nate Christenson they expose both sides of his talent. Working across editorial, advertising and live action for the last twenty years, he approaches subjects and complicated assignments with the same sharp eye and open mind.

Behind every one of Nate’s images there is a story to tell, whether of struggle or achievement, joy or pain, arrogance or humility. From every project, he leaves with those stories captured in a single frame.



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