Reverie: rev·er·ie | ˈrevərē | a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s visually fanciful thoughts; a daydream.

Amber Reverie, read literally, means golden daydream. It both describes my creative process, and the way I want each event to feel. As a floral artisan, I strive to create an aesthetically transcendent experience, inspired by the unique personalities of each individual client. Natural landscapes and subtle nuances of color inspire my work, which has been described as natural, romantic and expressive.

I was raised next to the beautiful Wasatch Mountains in Utah and always felt most complete in nature. Growing up, I was drawn to any form of creative expression, and spent most of my time through my early years as a dancer and choreographer, writer and jewelry designer. After college, I found my medium in flowers and styling and developed a fascination for the way natural elements can evoke  a mood and communicate on such a personal level. I live with my husband and two children in Highland, Utah (named for the Scottish Highlands it resembles) and find continual inspiration in the land that surrounds us and the places we visit.


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